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 Sloth Backpackers B & B Hostel. Pura Vida & Pura Hospitality.

Welcome to my Website, My name is Yorle, im 31 years old, Im a native girl from Monte Verde , thats has seen the town Grow, I Decided to open my Hostel , because i already have alot of experience in turism around here.
Breakfast     jummmm :)

We speak fluent English. I hope you can come to our beautiful Monteverde. Pura Vida.
This hostel is one of the cheapest hostels in Monteverde and has the best service.
We’re the best choice for any guest, as we’re cheap, clean and friendly while,
 we offer free internet & Wi-Fi. 
Sloth Backpackers hostel offers a unique service with the most comfortable rooms.

Pura Vida & Pura Hospitality

Sloth Backpackers in a Monteverde Hostel “Bed and Breakfast” style lodging is new hostel and located on the edge of Santa Elena, Monteverde but Near the Town, without the Noise.

The B&B is laid out in the style of a family house and guests are encouraged to treat it as their home. the building was painted and decorated by the two sisters Yorle & Gaby.

This new establishment offers a unique service with the most comfortable rooms.
Rooms Private with Shared Bathrooms or Dorms.
Free Breakfast(Pancakes,fresh fruit, Toast with Eggs)
You will enjoy a comfortable time and help you to organize any activity.

 Sloth backpackers is a new hostel, there’s another hostel with a similar backpacker name as ours but without the comfortable quality as we`ve got. So, when you get to Monteverde or Santa Elena make sure the driver takes you to Sloth Backpackers, as we have before had the problem that the drivers takes you to the other hostel and tells you that Sloth Backpacker don´t exist.

 The Best Free Breakfast mmm..

Kitchen Fully Equiped Free

This new establishment offers a unique service with the most comfortable rooms. 
Rooms Private with Shared Bathrooms Rooms or dorms,   Free Breakfast, free use the Fully Equipedd kitchen, Free internet - Wi- Fi, Free Coffee & Tea all day, Free maps information arrival.

Free breakfast includes:
Coffee, tea, cornflakes, granola, milk, bread, butter, jam, 
eggs and fresh fruits.
free use the fully equipped kitchen,
free coffee & tea all day.
Showers is with Hot water, very clean, quiet, near the town,
without any noise, 2 minutes from the only public bus station.
Free stuff for backpackers.


Sloth Backpackers
By foot from the bus stop:
Walk down the Street past the church at the T -intersection Turn Right Towards the Super compro Supermarket as the road curves left,walk down the concrete steps next to Trio cafe onyo the dirt Road below at the dirt road turn left and walk up the hill 50 mtrs,
Sloth Backpackers will be on your Left
Monteverde, Costa Rica 

Tel: 506 2645 5793

Horseback Monteverde to Arenal (Lake Route)

Horse Tours:
Horseback Riding Arenal to Monteverde/ Monteverde to Arenal  (Lake Route)
07:00 AM - 05:00/hrs 
Low season $ 65 pp. applies for September, October and November 30, 2011
$ 75 pp High Season December to August 31, 2012

For the most versatile transportation option from Monteverde to La Fortuna, take the taxi-boat-horse route.
ou'll travel the old-fashioned way… Our horseback ride is recommended for horse lovers and adventurers of all levels. We take a very scenic and safe trail along the Arenal Lake where you'll get several glimpses of the famous and very active Arenal Volcano and ride beside lush and beautiful rainforest – try and spot toucans, Montezuma Oropendolas, sloths, monkeys, the elusive "paca" and other tropical creatures. The lake trail is safe all year-round, plus we have excellently-cared-for-horses – guaranteed!

Please let us know your level of riding ability from novice to expert and your approximate weight and height, so we can properly fit you for your horse.

Our policy to shuttle rental cars around Lake Arenal: We can recommend a responsible shuttle driver but it is your responsibility (for insurance purposes, etc.) to get proper authorization from your rental car agency and put the driver on as an additional driver to your contract for the day of the tour.

Monteverde Costa Rica Ground Transfers and Shuttle Bus Services

Get to your Monteverde hotel efficiently and effectively.  Operator for door-to-door ground transportation. We operate transfers from / to Monteverde to any Costa Rica Destination.

Booking with us is the easiest and most economical way to move door-to-door from the Monteverde Hotels and Costa Rica airports, rural areas and destinations. With us you will enjoy a personalized welcome and great service.
Tel: 506 2645 5793
From MONTEVERDE hotels to:

Destination Adults Children
Morning Departure From Monteverde Afternoon Departure From Monteverde

San Jose- Aeropuerto Alajuela $45.00

8:00 AM 2:00 PM

Dominical $75.00 $37.50
8:00 AM Not Available

Jaco & Hermosa Beach $50.00 $22.50
8:00 AM 2:00 PM

Liberia $50.00 $22.50
8:00 AM 2:00 PM

Malpais $50.00 $22.50
8:00 AM 2:00 PM

Manuel Antonio

8:00 AM
8:00 AM
2:00 PM
2:00 pm

Matapalo $60.00 $30.00
8:00 AM 2:00 PM

Montezuma $60.00 $22.50
8:00 AM 2:00 PM

Nosara $60.00 $25.00
8:00 AM 2:00 PM

Papagayo Gulf $60.00 $22.50
8:00 AM 2:00 PM

Playa Grande $60.00 $25.00
8:00 AM 2:00 PM 

Minimum 2 pax.
Shuttles go daily to any Costa Rica Destination. 
From San Jose to Monteverde at 8:00am and 2:00pm $45 p.p

Take the advantage from our groups (group of 8 persons or more) and tailor made service team, highly experienced in arranging a variety of ground transport services.

The Arenal to Monteverde taxi-boat-taxi $ 25 p.p...service operates year round, making connections between Arenal and Monteverde twice per day, with great views of the Costa Rica highlands and the Arenal Volcano along the way.

                                             Departure time from La Fortuna: 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. 
                                             Departure time from Monteverde: 8:00 a.m and 2:00 p.m.

  • Rate:   $25 p.p                       
Lake Crossing           La Fortuna to Monteverde
  • Public bus from La Fortuna (8:00 a.m.) with change in Tilaran (1:00 p.m.) takes 8 hours
  • Rental car takes about 4 hours. 

There are three ways to get from La Fortuna to Monteverde
Lake Crossing only takes aprox. 3 hours!


The mountainous cloud forest of Monteverde and the town of La Fortuna are two of Costa Rica's favorite tourist destinations and are only 25 km apart. But, with a difference in altitude of 1,150 m, a steep drop and several roadblocks – namely, an active volcano, Costa Rica's largest lake, seven rivers and a rugged, densely forested mountain range –direct passage between the two towns is difficult, to say the least.

Making the trip by road entails a very bumpy 4 to 5 hour journey by car, or an 8 hour, 136 km bus journey, with a change-over in Tilaran. Two much more convenient routes are offered, taking hours off your travel time.

The taxi-boat-taxi trip and the horseback-boat-taxi trip from Monteverde to La Fortuna, or vice versa, combine the thrill of an adventure tour with the convenience of a transportation service.

This is the quickest and most popular route between Monteverde and Arenal. It runs twice daily, every day of the year, rain or shine.

The trip combines comfortable door to door minivan transfers with a fun and scenic cruise across the tranquil Lake Arenal, where you will experience beautiful views of the majestic volcano and the forested Tilaran Mountain Range. You will also have the chance to see a variety of wetland birds such as king fishers, fly catchers, waders and other exotic species that abound on the lake shore.

You will be picked up from your hotel in Monteverde at 8am or 2pm to begin the impressive 1.5 hour journey down the mountainside on a steep road offering stunning views of the lush, green valley. Upon arrival to Lake Arenal, you will be met by a 22 person covered power boat. This is where your scenic 30 minute cruise across the lake begins. Once reaching the opposite shore, you will be taken by taxi directly to your hotel in La Fortuna.

All boats and mini-vans are comfortable, safe, fully insured and regularly inspected by the Department of Transport. Drivers and boat captains are experienced professionals and carry cell phones so that they can reach the main office or emergency contacts at any time.

The trip is also offered in reverse, from Arenal to Monteverde, departing from Arenal area hotels at 8:30 am and 2:30 pm. It is possible to go round trip in one day, but this will leave you with only 3 hours in either destination. Travelers are advised against this, as at least two or three days should be planned in either location to fully appreciate the attractions.
We will pick you up at your hotel driving to the lake´s dam where you get an amazing boat ride for about 45 min. across Arenal lake and a 1.5 hour ride through rainforest and pastures to Monteverde, where you arrive  at about 11.00 a.m.

The boat has capacity for 40 persons and allows for a little birding around the edges of the lake where you will enjoy some of acuatic birds like the ringed kingfisher, the snowy egret, the great egret, the spotted sandpiper, the blue heron, and other tropical birds are abundant.   
This route is also possible by horseback with Desafio or Aventuras el Lago, the only company who offer a ride along the lake that is safe year round.
Price $75 p.p horsebackriding Tours
Departure time from La Fortuna: 7:30 a.m.
Departure time from Monteverde: 8:00 a.m
Tel: 506 2645 5793
Cel : 506 88963200

Coffee Tours

Cloud Forest Reserves

Cloud Forest Reserves

Night Walk Tours

Night Walk Tours
Price for students with valid ID
$ 20 p.p & Regular $ 22 p.p
Pick - Up: 5:30 pm 

The tour begins at 5:30 PM, just before nightfall, when the creatures are just beginning to wake up. In addition to a flashlight, each participant is given an animal-identification card. These cards explain the various creatures they’re likely to see, and will help tour takers spot and recognize the various animals, insects and amphibians within the reserve. These include snakes, spiders (most notably, hole-dwelling tarantulas), blue-crowned mot mots, agoutis, porcupines, tree frogs, and more. Naturalist guides will explain the reason that these creatures’ habits (most of which involve feeding or breeding) are best suited for the dark.

The tour ends around 8:00 PM. The cost of the tour is $20 p.p & $22 p.p, which includes a guide, entrance fees and round-trip transportation from most Monteverde hotels


Is a place where there are many species of wildlife includong raccoons, olingos, Sloth, Coatis, Reptiles, amphibians,and a variety of insects such as butterflies, beetles, and crickets.

Selvatura park

Suspension Bridges

Zip-lines above the canopy are in many ways synonymous with Costa Rica. Originally introduced during the 1970s, zip-lines have developed into one of the country’s most popular and widespread activities. Composed of steel cables and platforms strung at various heights between trees, they offer travelers a unique means of accessing beautiful and remote natural areas. And although they undoubtedly boost the adrenalin of each and every participant, zip-lines also educate their riders on ecology, botany, and reforestation practices. You can find zip-lines all over Costa Rica, but some of the best are in Monteverde.

Canopy Tours Compañies.
Selvatura Canopy. Canopy 100% Aventura, Canopy Extremo, Canopy Original, Sky Trek

Selvatura Canopy Tour:  
FROM  Regular $ 45.00 p.p
Student $ 35.00 p.p
Free transportation:
8:00am - 10:30am - 12:30pm - 2:00pm

Selvatura is a outstanding canopy tour, has  long cables in and is the only one truly immersed in virgin forest. The tour is made up of 15 cables and 18 viewing platforms, traversing over two miles of forest and combining the thrill of the zip line with a unique perspective of the tree top canopy.


For the real adrenaline junkies, the Selvatura Canopy Tour includes an optional
Tarzan Swing, a high security rope swing that launches you right into the forest for the ultimate Costa Rican adventure.

The tour lasts between 2.5 and 3 hours. It is suitable for anyone over the age of 4, but for safety reasons, a weight restriction of 280lbs and maximum waist width of 120cm apply.

Canopy 100 % Aventura

Canopy Aventura                                                         
Rates: $ 40 p.p
Free transportation:
Time: 7:30 am, 10:30 am, 12:30 & 2:30 pm

After this we are ready to start the adventure, well begging by climbing a spacious metal ladder, which takes us to the first platform, the guides will check again equipment and provide the necessary information on this cable; the pulley and the safety line will be secured and we’re ready to slide over the top of the trees.

We will hare the opportunity to travel along six more cables of different heights and altitudes , before arriving to the “rappel” , were you will fall in to the vacuum helped by a 15 meter vertical rope , for this activity you will be helped and instructed by our guides.
 We go back to flying over the forest canopy, passing tree more cables which will lead to “Tarzan swing”, another of the exciting parts of the tour .it consist of a swing in the middle of forest reach a 30 meter height, properly tied from two ropes, for this activity we count with four guides, two helping on the upper platform and two receiving on the lower platform. here you can rest or take a pictures while the rest of the group plunge art to the wild once conduced with this deed we will make a short 300 meter hike , that will take us to a new section of the property with four more cables, including a 700 meter long line.

This part of the tour is famous for counting with longer and higher cables, giving the opportunity to enjoy the lands cape and nature, with epiphyte cover trees, bromeliads, orchids, birds and animals; after this we will realize our second hike which will definitely open our appetite, taking us to the last cable, the longest and highest, 600 meter long and 80 meter high.
Back in the 100% Aventura facilities the harness will be returned and we will thank you for coming and will hope to see you again.

Canopy Extremo
Canopy Extremo
Regular $ 45.00 p.p
Free transportation
7:30am - 10:30am - 1:30pm  

We are home to the longest and highest cables to be found in the area, and at the same time you can enjoy the panoramic views, that are only to be seen here.
Furthermore you will be in complete contact with the very nature that characterizes this place.

 We Offer: Free transportation, modern and safe equipment, safety instructions, well trained and experienced guides, waterfall view, 14 cables, of which 4 are extremely long: 1-1410 ft, 2-1275 ft, 3-1800 ft, 4-2250 ft. Cables have an approximate heigth of between 225 ft and 450ft,  Tarzan Swing, Rappel (90ft), insurance, excellent service and commodity, short hikes, 21 platforms. Total walking distance of 2.8 Km., tour duration 3 hours.

The Super Cable

Recently launched is our new cable which stretches a distance of
1 km and at height of 180 meters. It is the longest and highest to be built in
 Monteverde where your adrenaline is sure to rise to the maximum. 
The Rappelling With an impressive 30 meter vertical  drop from a  platform that is located in a huge tree which
towers  above the ground.   
It continues to be a unique experience and it is the highest rappel that has been built with the aid of nature,
 in the middle of the forest.



The tour starts with a short, guided hike through the private 70-acre reserve of the Cloud Forest. The first part of the tour will take you through primary (old growth) and secondary (new growth) forest. As you fly through the treetops listen closely for the vast variety of birds that can be seen and heard throughout the preserve. Then, just when you think you have become one with the canopy we get your blood pumping with a drop back down to the forest floor. From the ground you leave again for the cloud forest canopy and the tour ends with an exhilarating rappel down from “Scary Tree”. The name of this last tree says it all!

This tour makes for an unbeatable vantage point for observing the surrounding rainforest where bird watching abounds!

Please note that the minimum age in our Costa Rican locations is 5 years old. There is a weight restriction of about 265 pounds although the weight is more a function of body shape than weight itself.

This tour lasts between 2 and 2.5 hours depending upon group size and needs. Tours begin at 7:30 am, 10:30 am and 2:30 pm. We can pick you up free of charge from must of the hotels in the Monteverde area. Prices $ 35 Student $ 45 p.p  Regular times: 7:30 am 10:30 am 2:30 pm and 5:30 pm.

Sky Tram and Sky Trek Monteverde

The Sky Trek Canopy Tour in Monteverde is located 6 km from the town of Santa Elena and about 3km from the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve. Flying across the misty cloud forest of Monteverde is one of Costa Rica's signature experiences. 

Sky Tram and Sky Trek Monteverde

There are many canopy tours in Costa Rica but Sky trek operates on a larger scale and in harmony amidst the pristine primary cloud forest. Sky Trek has some of the longest cables in the country, well maintained trails throughout the cloud forest, suspension bridges and one of the safest harnessing and pulley systems that enable people of all ages safely fly across the jungle!

Sky Trek
This famous canopy tour consists of 9 zip line cables with a combined length of 3 kilometers and range in distances between 40 meters and 770 meters and heights that range between 20 to 30 meters. Sky Trek is also a great opportunity to have panoramic views at two observation towers that offer views to the Pacific on a clear day it is also possible to see the northern lowlands that stretch all the way to the Caribbean. The Sky Trek tour generally takes about 2 hours. Maximum weight allowed for Sky Trek is 225 lbs.

Sky Tram   
The Sky Tram ascends along a beautiful cloud forest ridge and allows for stops along the way to observe plant and animal life and learn form an experienced guide. The duration of the tram takes about 20 minutes before arriving to an observatory platform. Those continuing on to the Sky Trek will descend via the cables back to the central office, if you are not continuing on to the Sky Trek cables you will return via the Tram. This activity is required for those who wish to do the Sky Trek.

Guided Tours Hiking Suspension Bridges Tram Zip Lines
Where: Monteverde
When: At 7:30am, 9:30am, 11:30am, 1:30pm
Cost: From $60/pp